Affirmations are like doses of emotional medicine. They don’t change your circumstances, but they can improve your outlook on life. For those undergoing the significant life change of weight loss surgery, supportive words can be the bedrock on which to build their new, healthier lifestyle. It’s a path often fraught with challenges, but also heralds a future filled with potential and promise.

In this blog post, we will touch on 45 supportive words that serve as affirmations—messages laden with love, encouragement, and hope—as bariatric surgery patients and their support networks take on this immense transformation.

Words have the weight to uplift, validate, and reassure. They can be as crucial to healing as any surgeon’s technique. They can bolster resolve and make days a little brighter. Whether you’re preparing for surgery, have undergone the procedure, or are a friend or family member providing support, these words are chosen to resonate with you and remind you that every step is a victory—one step closer to health, happiness, and self-fulfillment.

What to Say to Someone Having Weight Loss Surgery

Things to say to someone having bariatric surgery

  • “It’s okay to be nervous, but remember, you’re not alone.”

When a loved one undergoes weight loss surgery, it’s important to acknowledge their feelings and provide support through the shared experience of the community.

  • “Remember, this is about your health, not just the number on the scale.”

It’s vital to remind them what’s at the core of their decision — a healthier, more fulfilling life. The numbers will change, but the focus should be on wellness goals.

  • “You’ve done the hard part; now is the time to heal.”

Weight loss surgery isn’t the end of the struggle, but it’s a catalyst for positive change. Encourage them to appreciate the surgery as a tool for transformation and allow themselves to heal.

  • “Every day is a new chance to make good choices.”

Consistency is key to post-surgery success. Highlight the power of each day’s decisions, and it will instill a sense of agency and control in your loved one’s mind.

  • “There may be tough days, and that’s okay.”

Weight loss is a challenging journey, with good days and harder days. Reassure them that it’s alright to have setbacks, as long as they keep moving forward.

  • “What you’re doing is brave and deserves to be celebrated.”

It takes courage to make this life-altering decision. Take the opportunity to acknowledge their bravery and commitment to change.

kind words for weight loss surgery

  • “You’re in the driver’s seat now, and we’re all rooting for you.”

Empower them with the image of control. Reinforce their agency and community support in their life’s weight loss road trip.

  • “I believe in you; you’ve got this.”

Share your faith in their ability to succeed. It feels great to know someone has your back when you’re tackling a major challenge.

  • “Taking care of yourself is the most important thing right now.”

In the hectic weeks post-surgery, self-care might fall by the wayside. Affirm the need for prioritizing health and wellness.

  • “You have the strength within you; it’s just waiting to be unlocked.”

Sometimes, all someone needs is a little nudge to find the strength they already possess. Your words can be the push they need to begin the next chapter of a healthier life.

  • “Listen to your body; it knows better than anyone.”

Encourage them to be mindful and listen to the signals their body is sending. After all, it is their greatest teacher on this new path to wellness.

  • “Progress is progress, no matter how slow. Each step counts.”

It’s easy to get discouraged, especially when results don’t come as fast as you’d like. However, every little step taken towards a healthier lifestyle is a win.

  • “Reach out when you need to talk; I’m here to listen.”

Offer a listening ear. Sometimes, all they need is someone who understands and is willing to hear them out.

  • “Changing is a process; be patient with yourself.”

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Advise them to be gentle and patient with themselves as they adjust to their new lifestyle.

supportive words for bariatric surgery

  • “Taking time to rest and recover doesn’t make you lazy; it makes you smart.”

There’s a difference between being active and over-exerting yourself. Recovery is an important part of the process and should not be underestimated.

  • “Don’t be afraid to ask for help or more information when you need it.”

Knowledge is power, and asking questions is crucial. Help guide them to resources and professionals who can provide the information they seek.

  • “Remember to drink water; it’s the elixir of life.”

Hydration is essential during this period. A gentle reminder to drink water may seem simple, but it’s a critical part of the daily routine.

  • “You’re not just losing weight; you’re gaining a stronger, healthier you.”

Reframe the weight loss as a gain in health and strength. This positive perspective can be a game-changer for their mentality.

Things to say to somebody getting weight loss surgery

  • “It’s okay to grieve the foods and habits you’ve left behind.”

Food is often a source of comfort and routine. Encourage them to grieve old habits while also being open to new ones.

  • “Every day, every meal, and every choice is a chance to renew your commitment to yourself.”

Encourage them to approach each day as a fresh start. A positive mindset can be a powerful ally.

  • “Invest in a support system; they’re as important as the surgery itself.”

Support systems provide understanding and encouragement. Recommend that they invest time and energy in nurturing these connections.

  • “Your health professionals are there to help and support you — rely on them.”

Physicians, nutritionists, and therapists are all part of the support team. Encourage your loved one to lean on their expertise.

  • “Find joy in the process; it’ll make the transformation more fulfilling.”

Transformation can be as joyful as it is challenging. Encouraging them to find joy in the process can make a considerable difference in their experience.

  • “Treat yourself with patience and care; you’ve been through a lot.”

Remind them to treat themselves as they would a close friend — with kindness and understanding.

  • “Every moment of discomfort is a sign of changes happening — celebrate them.”

Discomfort often signifies growth. It’s a reflection of the significant changes taking place within, and it’s a reason to acknowledge and celebrate the progress.

  • “Your worth is not tied to your weight; don’t forget that.”

Weight doesn’t define a person’s value. Remind them that their worth is unconditional and not tied to any physical measurement.

  • “Sometimes, the best thing to say is nothing at all — a hug can convey it all.”

In the moments when words fall short, a hug can say everything. Offer your physical support as an unspoken testament to your support.

  • “Create a vision of your future self; it’ll give you something to strive for.”

Visualization can be a powerful tool. Encourage them to create a vision board or simply picture their future self to keep motivated.

  • “Tough moments are temporary; the strength they yield is lasting.”

Every rough patch offers a chance to build resilience. Remind them that they’re getting stronger with each challenge they face.

Feeling afraid is human; facing your fear is heroic - words for weight loss surgery

  • “Feeling afraid is human; facing your fear is heroic.”

It’s okay to feel fear, but it’s even more commendable to confront it head-on. Remind them of their courage to undergo this process.

  • “You’re not starting over; you’re starting anew — wiser and stronger.”

Setbacks can feel like starting from scratch, but they’re not. They’re learning experiences that lead to starting a new, improved cycle.

  • “Food is fuel; choose the kind that propels you forward.”

Encourage them to view food as a source of energy that will sustain them on their health journey.

  • “Your actions are already inspiring others to improve their health; lead by example.”

Their determination to improve their health can serve as an inspiration to those around them. It’s a form of leadership that’s valuable and commendable.

  • “Persistence is more powerful than perfection; keep going.”

Perfection can be daunting. Encourage them to focus on being consistent. It’s the daily commitment to their new lifestyle that will yield the best results.

  • “The story you’re living is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit.”

Their struggle and determination tell a story of resilience and the human spirit’s indomitable will. It’s a story worth telling and celebrating.

  • “Your body is resilient and capable of incredible things — trust it.”

Human bodies are remarkably resilient. Remind them to trust their body’s ability to heal and adapt.

  • “Challenges are opportunities in disguise; they pave the way for success.”

Each challenge presents an opportunity for growth and learning. When viewed in this light, difficulties can be seen as stepping stones to success.

  • “You’re redefining what’s possible for you — revel in that power.”

They are literally changing the possibilities for their life. This newfound power is something to revel in and be proud of.

  • “Strive for progress, not perfection. Every step is an achievement.”

Perfection is an unrealistic standard. Share the value of progress and acknowledge each step taken as a significant achievement.

  • “Celebrate the wins, no matter how small. They’re all building towards a greater victory.”

Small victories contribute to more significant successes over time. Encourage them to celebrate every step forward.

  • “Education is your greatest ally. Learn as much as you can about your surgery and new lifestyle.”

Knowledge is the best weapon for any battle. Encourage them to educate themselves about their surgery and the changes that lie ahead.

  • “Your strength is admirable and a source of inspiration for others.”

Their resilience and strength in this endeavor are commendable and inspiring. Recognize and appreciate these qualities.

  • “You are loved and supported on this journey, through every stage.”

Knowing that they are surrounded by love and support can provide immeasurable comfort and encouragement.

  • “Life is a series of adjustments; you’re simply making another one toward a better you.”

It’s a new and positive adjustment in a long series of life changes. Viewing it this way can make it feel more approachable.

  • “The post-surgery process can be challenging, but it’s also a process of discovery and fulfillment.”

Remind them that, despite the challenges, this post-surgery period is one filled with discoveries and eventual fulfillment. It’s a time of great transformation and growth.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on the path of weight loss surgery signifies a profound commitment to one’s health and well-being. As you offer words of encouragement and support to your loved one, remember the significance of your role in their journey. Your words have the power to uplift, motivate, and provide solace during both the triumphs and trials ahead.

In moments of doubt or uncertainty, remind them of the courage it took to embark on this transformative journey. Encourage them to embrace each day as an opportunity for growth, healing, and self-discovery. Through your unwavering support and understanding, you can help cultivate a sense of resilience and determination within them.

Above all, let your words convey empathy, compassion, and unconditional acceptance. Celebrate their victories, no matter how small, and offer a gentle hand during moments of struggle. Together, you can navigate the challenges and triumphs that accompany weight loss surgery, forging a path towards a brighter, healthier future.

As they embark on this new chapter of their life, may your words serve as a beacon of hope, guiding them towards a renewed sense of vitality, confidence, and empowerment.